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1. Eyepieces
  hygens eyepieces
  Various Wide Field Eyepieces
2. Objectives
  Infinite Plan Achromatic Objectives
  Infinite Achromatic Objectives
  Plan Achromatic Objectives
  CF High Contrast Objectives
  Achromatic DIN Objectives 1
  Achromatic DIN Objectives 2
  Achromatic DIN Objectives 3
  Achromatic DIN Objectives 4
  Objectives for Dark Field
  Fluorescence Free Objective
  35mm Achromatic Objectives
3. Various Monocular Viewing Heads
4. Various Binocular Viewing Heads
5. Various Trinocular Viewing Heads
6. Plan Stage with Attachable Stage W,B,T
7. Single Layer Mechanical Stage
8. Various Double Layer Mechanical Stage
9. Various Double Layers Mechanical Stage with Dual Slides Finger
10. Simple Polarization Stage
11. Temperature Controlled Stage
12. Bright Field Condenser
13. Various Dark Field Condenser
14. Simple Polarization Set
15. Collector & Aspherical Lens for Collector
16. Various Kolher Illumination Sets
17. Various Photo Attachment
18. Various Video Adapter with C Mount
19. Drawing Attachment
20. Simple Phase Contrast Kit
21. Sliding Phase Contrast Kit
22. Turret Phase Contrast Kit
23. Cold Light Illuminator(Single Light Guide, Dual Light Guide, Ring Light Guide)


Annular fluorescent Illuminator
  LED Annular Illuminator