Series Inverted Microscope

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It also can be used in research institutes, universities, medical treatment,

agriculture and animal husbandry etc. It is furnished with long working distance condenser,

long working distance objective and phase contrast attachment.

It is advanced instrument suitable for culture of living specimen structure and research of liquid deposits.





Gemel type of binocular head, 45 inclined,

Gemel type of trinocular head, 45 inclined

light splitting rate: binocular 100%, binocular 20% / trinocular 80%


PL10 X high eye-point plan eyepiece, line field 22mm


Reversed Quintuple Nosepiece


Infinite long work distance plan achromatic objective: LWD PL410204060

Infinite long work distance plan phase contrast objective: LWD PH102040


Coaxial focus system with torque and coarse adjustment

Work distance of every circle: 38mm coarse adjustment, 0.2mm fine adjustment; precision 0.002mm. Total work distance: upward 6.5mm, downward 2.5mm from focus (upward 1.5mm to stage as the reference)


size: 160(W) x 250(L)mm, could fixed with sample holder, extending board and mechanical specimen holder. Size of stage extension board: 70(W) x 80(L)mm

Attachable mechanical stage

Working distance: 120 (X) x 80(Y)mm

 Low coaxial focus adjustor, attached with Petri dish holder.


Adopted 90-240V voltage, 6V/30W Halogen bulb, adjustable filament center and brightness


Super long work distance, numerical aperture 0.3, and work distance 72mm, movable

Phase contrast plug-in plate

adjustable phase center---10X / 20X, 40X, bright field

phase center pre setting---10X / 20X, 40X, bright field (optional)

Mechanical specimen holder

Optional. Regulator of low coaxing. Could assemble with various sample holders.

Sample holder

Optional. Slide holder, Terasaki holder and petri dish holder

Color filter

Optional. Adjustable brightness color filter, monochrome contrast color filter, color temperature transition color filter and infrared-eliminating color filter

Triple eye tube 

Could fixed with 135 camera, CTV and digital camera

Photo tube

PK mount adapter and 3.2X photo eyepiece 

TV adapter

0.5X C-mount TV adapter with focusable lens 

Operating enviroment
  • Use indoors

  • The highest height above sea level: 2000m

  • Temperature: 5C~40C(41F~109F)

  • Maximum relative humidity: 80% when the temperature up to 31C (88F), then it will down as linear. 34C (93F) vs. 70% (99F) vs. 60%, 40C (104F) vs. 50%.